Saturday, March 7, 2009


In a recent job interview I was asked what my pet peeves are. I found myself quite unprepared for this inquiry, and kind of stumbled around while I thought of something that makes me mad. Truth be told, I'm not often angry, so it was a more difficult task than it sounds. Just to be sure I never run into that problem again, I've compiled a respectable list of things that tick me off. They are as follows:
  • People who hold up the checkout line while they count and re-count their change, then try to stuff it into an already overstuffed wallet.
  • When someone leaves their turn signal on for miles.
  • Brightly colored leggings (except on wee little girls, then it's just funny).
  • People I've known for long periods of time who forget my name.
  • When people park in handicapped or no parking areas because they're "just running in really quick."
  • Loud public cell phone talkers.
  • Public breast feeding.
  • People in the 20 Items Or Less lane with over 20 items.
  • People who, upon hearing the name "Joe," insist on making the tired old "Joe Mama" joke.
  • When someone pees on the seat.
  • Poor usage of the English language.
  • Published or otherwise professional writing, like school newspapers (Globe) or corporate memos, that fall under the last category. These count as double, and are what I eventually cited in the interview.
  • Utah County drivers.
  • Crooked mohawks.
  • Straight or pegged leg jeans.
  • People who insist there's something wrong with a product or service and they deserve a discount. (Excluding instances where there really is something wrong and the person goes about it in a polite way)
  • Liars
  • People who wear, for example, Led Zeppelin t-shirts, but don't really listen to Led Zeppelin.
  • Boys who wear girl pants.
  • People who mumble under their breath, only to get angry when they can't be understood and are asked to repeat their mumble.
  • When someone enters a store with muddy shoes, having made no attempt to clean said shoes.
  • People who try to talk on the phone and do something else... at the expense of the something else.
I could probably go on, but this will have to suffice for the time being. I'm all mad just thinking about all of it.