Thursday, April 29, 2010

To Those Whose Value(s)=Undefined

You can muddy the clearest of waters

Blur the most beautiful view

Give me purity, you will corrupt it

The simplest phrase you misconstrue

The most lucid concept you will obscure

You cloud the sky, however blue

And all of this with nary a thought

Or any regard for truth

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Tuesday, April 13, 2010


I recently mentioned several unposted posts. One of them chronicled the adventures of Mogli's 4th birthday extravaganza. It involved Chuck-e-Cheese, seven hundred some odd tickets and the cheap toys purchased with them, cake, ice cream, grandparents, and lots and lots of balloons.

Along with turning four comes a doctor checkup. Being that his mother is a nurse,not to mention he's already had his share of emergency visits, he isn't afraid of doctor's offices the way many children are. In fact I dare say he was excited. He has backed off on the growing thing, only in the 84th height percentile, down some 10% or so from last year. He was declared fit as a fiddle, and the doctor told him he could have his kindergarten shots if he wanted them. He told the doctor that he quite likes shots, and yes he would appreciate having them post haste. No sense waiting around to get sick when such a fun thing as shots are available, right? He came home and showed me the dots on his leg and was just as pleased as could be!

Well, I went to class, he visited Grammy, and by the time I got home he was singing a whole new tune. It went something like "you can't pick me up or put me down or make me go to bed or let me stay up or give me a hug or let me go or stay here or go in the other room and I can't hold still or move because my shots hurt me too much."

Maybe next time he'll think twice

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Thursday, April 8, 2010

Blue Funk

I have a lot that I have been meaning to say. Several unfinished posts lie in my draft folder, awaiting finishing touches like pictures, links, or just a good edit. I just don't feel like doing it. That seems to be my default state right now. Have you ever been in a mood that can't be described? This one is like melancholy and contentment with a splash of nostalgia and a pinch of... something else. It's certainly not sad, but not especially happy either. All I really want to do is make some music, but when I try I just get lost in it and don't accomplish anything. So the last few days I've done a LOT of stuff. Things that have been on my to do list for days, weeks, and even months. I feel very accomplished, but still incomplete.

Maybe some sleep will help.

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