Friday, March 9, 2012

Bad Bosses

College is great for people watching. I've made an effort not to let all the stupid kids get under my skin, and found that there is an endless supply of humor in their stupidity.

It can be very entertaining to watch the twenty year old smoke his tobacco pipe pretentiously outside the student building, feeling smugly confident that everyone who passes by wishes they could be him.

Another good one is the dude trying to get to know the girl who is doing everything short of slapping him to let him know she isn't interested. He takes a step closer, she takes two steps back. He asks her what classes she has, she answers with a non sequitur about how she really needs to get going to meet someone for lunch.

Sometimes though, it still just drives me crazy. Just now, I overheard a girl telling her friends how dumb her boss is. She asked for time off to go to a job interview. His totally inappropriate response was "do you really think its a good idea to ask for that?" This brought on a series of exclamations from her friends: "WTF!?" "Of course, it's totally worth it!" "That's a way better job!" Not one of them seemed to realize the problem. The story ended with the protagonist putting in her two week notice.

You go girl, that idiot boss will think twice before questioning your commitment to your job again!