Friday, February 27, 2009


SLCC Jazz Band had their first concert of the semester tonight. I am a part of said ensemble. We played several Miles Davis pieces, a few Jobim, Duke, Dizzy, and several others. Good times were had by all.

This semester I've had a difficult time finding my groove. As it's been a few years since I've really played I have lost my lip a great deal, and was pretty rusty in general. The result has been that I've been timid in my playing, my solos have been lack luster at best, and my arrogant self has been lost in some sort of haze.

Until tonight.

Something about being in front of an audience does wonders for me. Suddenly it didn't matter that the other trumpet player's range is half an octave higher than mine, or that most of the rhythm section are expert in the ways of chordal voicing and improvisation. The only important thing was that I was there and everyone got to listen to me play, just like it used to be.

That's right folks, ol' Cuppa Joe is back and cocky as ever.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Road Trip Blues

Meet Mogli:

He's a delight. Normally quite amiable and fun.


Last week we took a short road trip to Ogden. Mind you, Mogli is potty training. Without consideration to the circumstances we allowed him two drinks shortly before we left. Everyone see where this is going?

Just at the on ramp he started yelling at the top of his lungs "I needs to go pee!!!" So the very next exit we were stopped at a gas station. Not ten minutes after getting back on the road the yells began again. And again. And again. One time we couldn't stop soon enough, and he peed just a little in his pants. Long story short, it took us easily twice as long to get to Ogden as it normally would, and he was stuck sitting in his own urine.

When we got there we ran into another convenience store. I was running as quick as I could, and as I frantically searched for the restroom, I felt my arm get warm and start dripping. Yep, I was peed on. The rest of the trip there were two urine soaked gentlemen.

Isn't parenthood fun?

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Visitor

We had just come home from the gym. A fire had broken out nearby, and a thick black cloud hung over the area. Unable to see what was burning, we came inside to get away from the cold, smoke filled air and blaring sirens. Nothing seemed out of the ordinary; the mess was just my homework still scattered on the floor around the desk. We were chatting about nothing in particular when it happened. My eyes were drawn to the movement, and the rush of adrenaline from the surprise surged through me...

Several hours later we cautiously walked back into the apartment. She had vacated almost immediately, while I stayed around waiting for the authorities. After they had come and gone I had joined her at Pike Place, attempting to reassure her that all was well. Now, as she stood apprehensively by the door, I quickly walked through every room to be sure we were alone. The maintenance crew had been given a priority work order to fix up the breach, but that wouldn't be done until tomorrow at the earliest, so the feeling of vulnerability was lingering, however hard I willed it away. I gave the all clear and she came all the way in, still glancing nervously into every corner...

All we can do now is wait. Hope that the sounds don't come back. Try to sleep through the night without letting it get into our heads. Pray that it's only us in here. And that it stays that way...

Friday, February 13, 2009


If that's not cool, nothing is.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stick it to em Jason

Mr. Speaker, I rise to give voice to the need to cut the size and scope of government. While the rhetoric and calls for increased spending continue to escalate, let us also remember it is our duty and obligation to do more with less.

Over the past 12 years, annual Federal spending has more than doubled, exceeding $3.1 trillion. Since January 2007, our government has added an average of $2.8 billion per day to our national debt. If deficit spending were the way to prosperity, our economy would be booming.

We are more than $10 trillion in debt and there is no end in sight. Let us remember it is not the government's money we talk about and spend, it is the American people's money. And we cannot afford to continue to run this government on a credit card. We're going to have to do more with less, and that means finding ways to cut government spending.

-Rep Jason Chaffetz, Jan 13 2009 On the House floor, 111th Congress


Finally, a politician that gets it. Let's hope he stays strong.

Monday, February 9, 2009

The Mav

I am now your Adventure Guide. Come to me with all your convenience store adventure needs, and I will guide you.

A Little Flavor

Searching for a new job isn't fun. I know, I know, most people can think of nothing better than soliciting random managers and HR reps with "will work 4 $$" signs, but after a while it gets dull.

Okay! Okay! We all get the point! I'd rather hold signs in protest. Here are some examples:

Now tape these bad boys to some sticks and we've got ourselves a picket line!

Thursday, February 5, 2009


I fried some chicken today. It was damn good chicken. My mashed potatoes turned out a bit too lumpy for my liking, but then I started writing a song.

Monday, February 2, 2009