Monday, March 23, 2009


I'm not the angry type. Although I recently made a list of pet peeves, it was really just for fun. Truth be told, the last time I remember really losing my temper was sometime during senior year when David Deppe tried to strangle me. Even then it lasted no more than a few seconds: it's David Deppe, what am I going to do, punch him? I suppose I was pretty irate at Zach Probst one time, when he disappeared. I had calmed down by the time he came back though. The point is, I'm not very extreme when it comes to temper. I take after my mother in that way. When it comes up she always conjures up some event when her rage was palpable and all in her presence quivered in fear, but we all know she's exaggerating. If you are fortunate enough to know my mother you are probably chuckling at the very thought, if not laughing aloud. Ours is a very chill family.

Today though, I'm just pissed right off.