Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Parents Are Liars

I learned where all those myths your parents told you come from today. (Go read that article, it's pretty good)

Mogli didn't want to take a bath. While he was procrastinating, he hit his head somehow. He has a special talent for causing himself injury. He, of course, was making a much bigger deal of it than it deserved and telling me he couldn't possibly take a bath now because he needed to go lay on the couch and watch Phineas and Ferb so his head could heal. I told him that getting in the bath will be a much better way to make him feel better because the warm water will help the blood flow so it won't get as swollen.

I totally made that up.

He believed me though. He got right into the bath, and reported that his head was much better when he was done. In twenty years or so, he will be telling a child to get in the bath because it reduces swelling, and he'll be sure it's true, when really it is just something I invented because he was dirty. The wisdom of our parents is a marvelous thing, but when I realize that I am the parent who is meant to be wise... I'm a little bit scared, and suddenly a bit more skeptical.