Saturday, November 7, 2009

And Another V

I'Ve been worried for some time now. The kind of worry that you bury deep down and don't think about, under the premise that it will just stop. Then something sparks a memory and it drowns you again...

Some two years ago the In-Laws introduced me to the greatest teleVision program of all time: Lost. I became obsessed. I don't watch much TV, but when the right show comes along I tend to View it Voraciously with a Vim and Vigor I can't Very well eVade. I become Voracious in appetite and ViVacious in fan hood, Visiting Virtual Vestiges of Veneration and Vesting in Various Volitionary actiVities indicatiVe of my Vehemence.

So to what do I owe my worry? The next season of Lost is the last, and I haVe had nothing to replace it with when it's oVer.

Until now.

This week was the Virgin Voyage of a new Vessel Vying for my Virulent deVotion, Vis-aVis: