Monday, August 3, 2009

My Sister

Eva. She has inspired me on many occasions. It is to her I owe my first email address, and by extension my introduction to the joys of instant messaging. After reading her blog for several years I created my own. Her cassette tape of Weezer's Blue album was the first music I ever loved just because I loved it. On one long trip to see family in a distant town I "borrowed" it and sat in the rear facing back seat of the family station wagon listening through it's entirety, from side A to side B and back again. The experience shaped much of my later life. She it was who first dubbed me "Foo Foo," after the little bunny who hopped through the forest, bopping field mice on the head. That name was morphed over time into things like "Frugey," and "Foph," which I am occasionally called by other siblings to this day. In the midst of that nick name's great success she coined another, simpler one: "Boy." And thus I have been known for the past ten plus years. So much of my life in fact that it is as familiar as my own given name. Indeed, I would not be remotely the same person today were it not for Dear Sister's influence.

Thank you Sister.